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Market survey

Market survey

The results of the DAT market observation as a paperback book

In the scope of our intensive and sound market observation, we have been determining used vehicle prices that are in line with the market since 1931. Next to several EDP products, we also publicize the results of the DAT market observation in two different publishing products. On the one hand this is the DAT market observation for passenger cars (estates, off-road vehicles, transporters up to 3.5 tons total weight and two-wheeled vehicles) and on the other hand, the DAT market observation for HGVs (including transporters from 3.5 tons total weight) that are each updated every month or quarter.

More than 70,000 dealership purchasing and retail values are available using the different DAT market observations. Each vehicle is assigned to an average milage performance. Using the correction table, deviations from the first registration and mileage can be considered in a simple way. Consideration regarding the value can also be made for the most important special equipment (such as automatic transmission). The DAT market observations can also be used as new price lists as next to the current market value, these also include the latest valid price list of the vehicles.

However, please note that expressive used vehicle evaluations can only be compiled when using our EDP supported professional data and information system, such as SilverDAT II . All factors that influence the value, such as different standard and special equipment types as well as the individual condition of the condition of the vehicle can be considered here. Pre-requirement for a market orientated evaluation of used vehicles is and remains the combination of a thorough inspection of the vehicle by the qualified personnel in the automobile companies or the passenger vehicle technical expert offices.

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