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E10 compatibility for motor vehicles

Leaflets for downloading free of charge

E10 compatibility for motor vehicles

Leaflets for downloading free of charge

The contents of the leaflet put together by DAT are based on the details of the vehicle manufacturers and importers. When viewing these, you can see if your vehicle can be operated using E10 fuel.

If you should have any questions on the content or details for the vehicles, please contact the service numbers and / or the E-mail addresses of the individual manufacturers listed.

Download as PDF file free of charge direct for the current issue © DAT GmbH

More eco in petrol
What is E10?

The bioethanol content in petrol that was 5 % until today (until the end of 2010) is being raised to 10%. This has resulted in the abbreviation "E10", where the "E" stands for Ethanol and the "10" for the content, 10 %.

What speaks in favour of E10?

The admixture of ethanol with petrol has 2 decisive advantages:

  • Bioethanol is gained from plants thus, regenerative sources, and therefore reduces the emission
    of the climate gas CO2.
  • The oil reserves are preserved by using renewable resources.

Which requirements do you have to observe?

Requirement for using E10 petrol is, however, the compatibility of your vehicle: E10 can only be used in vehicles that have been designed for it. All vehicles not suit able to be used with E10 still have to be filled with fuel mixed with 5% bioethanol.

Before filling your tank with E10, make sure that your vehicle is suitable to be used with it. For this purpose, at the end of this page we have compiled a list of vehicles that are compatible for E10 that can be downloaded free of charge. This list includes service numbers of the vehicle manufacturers that you can call if you have any queries.

How can I recognise the fuel?
You can recognise E10 fuel by its name, "NormalE10", "SuperE10" or "SuperPlusE10" on the pump nozzle or pump column.

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