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SilverDAT Online

SilverDAT Online

Additional free of charge services for SilverDAT II customers.

The client-capable, web-based used vehicle valuation system is available for SilverDAT II customers in automobile businesses and workshops without additional costs. Basically, SilverDAT online contains the same scope of services as the used vehicle system in SilverDAT II:

  • used vehicle valuation in consideration of all value-influencing factors,
  • simple selection of necessary repairs (repair list),
  • effective management of the vehicle inventory,
  • optimum checking function for successful sales management,
  • is sent to internet market places quicker, including delete function when sold,
  • comfortable interface to many dealer management system providers,
  • accurate valuation of the vehicle inventory for the effective date,
  • VIN request (additional service- fee applies) and much much more.

With SilverDAT online, the monthly update is carried out automatically. This ensures that you are always up-to-date. The sequence of an evaluation in SilverDAT online has been optimised. With "List&Label" list designer in SilverDAT II, layouts generated can be taken over in SilverDAT online.

Please request your personal access data under the SilverDAT II main menu under > SilverDAT-Club > Login.

If you already have access data, you can login to the customer login now.