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SilverDAT myClaim

SilverDAT® myclaim


SilverDAT® myclaim is the response to the challenges in automotive processes. This new management tool combines car dealers, repair shops, insurance companies, car manufacturers and experts on a single platform.

Individual Design

For each of the participants of a claims handling process SilverDAT myclaim can be precisely tailored. Common business processes are being modeled in the system, specific rules to monitor the facts can be stored. In addition to common processes and rules also individual procedures for each role can be defined. The system runs without complicated programming - simply by our graphic formula generator.


  • Web-based application, no installations or updates required
  • Integrating all parties being involved in the claims process in the role as e.g. a body shop, insurance, expert, automotive manufacturer / importer
  • Import function for calculations out of or SilverDAT programme
  • Initiating new damage calculations directly in SilverDAT myclaim
  • Ability to send all data in the GDV format
  • Documents and images can be uploaded into the claim file
  • A free configuration of the settings and audit rules is possible
  • Each participant in the process has its own admin rights for its role
  • Customized templates can be generated individually
  • The definition of the process flow can be modelled by each admin - this can also be made by DAT as a service to the customer
  • The navigation through the application is simple via a tabulator system
  • The individual status of the process steps are editable
  • For each roll, individual processes may be defined.
  • Each process is provided with a history - thus all steps are traceable