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The online auto service and repair marketplace by DAT and FAIRGARAGE

  • FAIRGARAGE is the online auto service and repair marketplace by DAT and United Vehicles for dealerships workshops and of course for all motorists
  • FAIRGARAGE is a technology to advertise all workshop services on the dealer's or workshop's website
  • FAIRGARAGE offers a neutral comparison of all workshop services available for all makes and models
  • FAIRGARAGE offers dealerships and workshops a platform to promote their complete service portfolio online in a fair and transparent way
  • FAIRGARAGE offers an easy to use tool for customers which helps them to spot the best matching workshop that can satitisfy their service and repair needs in their neighbourhood
  • FAIRGARAGE is able to satisfy exactly the customers needs at fair and transparent rates


for your business:

  • Acquisition of new customer groups
  • Increasing traffic on auto dealership and workshop websites through white label plug-ins
  • Intelligent search engine marketing: the prospective buyer will be picked up during his search (Google, Yahoo etc.) and guided to the dealership/workshop website
  • Promotional offers can be advertised for specific makes, model and years
  • Extra charges and rebates can be set by the dealership or workshop

for consumers:

  • Reliable online auto service and repair marketplace
  • Since 1931 DAT stands for neutrality and independence
  • Highest data quality and precise calculation of quotations
  • Excellent and simple usability: identify vehicle, choose service, receive a quotation
  • All workshops and dealerships on FAIRGARAGE are certified
  • User rating is available
  • Free of charge for consumers
  • Schedule your service appointment hassle free via FAIRGARAGE 
  • Always available on www.fairgarage.de as a plug-in on the dealer's/workshop's website or on your mobile device app