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SilverDAT II

SilverDAT® II

The cross-brand information system

With its modular structure, SilverDAT II is one of the most efficient software products for almost all sectors of the automobile industry. Each module has been designed to meet your requirements. All data records are updated monthly. There is no difference between the user groups - SilverDAT II always comes with all available modules. With only one click you choose your module of interest.

Vehicle repair calculation

Quick – detailed – accepted for  insurance claims

The optimisation of the workshop utilization is a strategic competitive advantage in the automobile after sales industry. An improved utilization of the repair capacities can only be achieved when the cost estimates are generated precisely and reliably with minimum time effort. SilverDAT II is provided with a cross-brand repair calculation per default that can be used to generate cost estimates in the blink of an eye.

Profit from the comprehensive valuable data resources of DAT and organize your workshop processes more efficient. The advantages of the vehicle repair calculation with SilverDAT II at a glance:

  • Quick selection of the vehicle using the KBA code or search tree

  • Manufacturer specifications are the basis for all calculation data, such as spare part numbers, prices and reference work values

  • Recording all damage positions as an exploded view of the vehicle on the screen by simply clicking on the part that has really been damaged

  • Displaying the best possible way of repairing on severly damaged vehicles.

  • Safe calculation using integrated repair logic when considering possible combined operation work - thus no additional billing of repair positions by mistake

  • Automatic data exchange between the repair calculation and the used vehicle system

  • The User can determine the operation related data, such as hourly rates charge, spare part surcharge, etc. when required

  • Paperless electronic communication with all involved parties like motor vehicle experts and insurcance companies via DAT-NET and web service

The SilverDAT II Vehicle repair calculation – Accurate cost estimation in the blink of an eye.

Download offer overview FI data files Germany 05/2011

Used vehicle system
The professional valuation and management system

Using the used vehicle system UVS you evaluate and administrate used vehicles professionally and instantly within a second. Objective, quick and reliable – passenger cars, off-road vehicles, transporters up to 3.5 tons, heavy duty HGVs and two-wheeled vehicles. The following are a component of the outstanding features:

  • Simple vehicle identification including special models and option packages

  • Of course the overall condition of the vehicle is taken into consideration for the appraisal process. (possible necessary repairs, tread depth of tyres, number of previous owners, accident damage caused ín the past, etc.)

  • Regional market characteristics can be determined by the user within our software

  • Permanent possibility for monthly revaluation of inventory

  • Controlling the affectivity of the own used vehicle business, transparency of the vehicle inventory, displaying of the daily actual status, comparison with target specifications and past values, turnover time monitoring, commission accounting for car salespeople, etc.

  • Individual design for evaluation lists, price labels and promotion flyers with the report and layout generator

The SilverDAT II used vehicle system – Minimized risk when dealing with used vehicles

Residual value forecast
For passenger cars, estates, off-road vehicles, transporters up to 3.5 tons

The SilverDAT II residual value forecast is capable of predicting residual value up until the end of the 6 to 60 month period  Even the mileage can be defined in increments of 1,000 relevant to the residual value.

Moreover, you can allow the special market data to flow into the calculation. This allows you to accurately determine the predicted dealer purchasing and retail value to the end of the leasing contract period.

The SilverDAT II residual value prediction - programmed success in the future

Emissions Inspection
Inspection and setting values for Otto and diesel engines

Using the SiverDAT II module Emissions Inspection you can determine the correct inspection and setting values for the emissions inspection with Otto or diesel engines - with or without catalytic converter - for passenger cars, estates, off-road vehicles, transporters and HGVs. But not only that: the engine values and setting data can be displayed to you including the vehicle specific diagrams with setting instructions.

The SilverDAT II emission inspection module - the rational assistance for correct setting values

Accepting data from and in SilverDAT II by third-party programs

DAT provides the interface description to SilverDAT II for interested software businesses or suppliers of Dealer-Management-Systems and / or workshop software packages in Germany free of charge. At present we are working together with approx. 200 interface partners which take over data from SilverDAT II into their own system as well as transferring data to SilverDAT II via individually generated interfaces with the goal to prevent multiple entries for common customers. We provide you with the following interface descriptions:

  • SZF Interfaces to third-party programs

  • Import / export ASCII file in SZF format

  • IDS (Interpreter Data Exchange) for exchanging data between SilverDAT II and third-party applications (e.g. via DDE or TCP / IP); with functional request parameters

  • IDS+ the extension of IDS via COMM/DCOMM

  • SOAP -based on interfaces that are available for calling up specific functions from SilverDAT II within a web service with different methods, analogue to the IDS interfaces

The SilverDAT II interface description for unhindered data exchange – Available free of charge from DAT customer services

Data exchange between the repair workshop or the technical expert office and responsible passenger car insurance company

According to the defined interface formats determined by Gesamtverband der Deutschen Versicherungswirtschaft e. V. (GDV) for several years, with DAT-Net, we have developed a system that permits the user to send repair cost calculations and damage images direct to the responsible passenger car insurance company via protected lines and a distributor server of the GDV.

The insurers are then able to process the data records received immediately which leads to the reduction of the damage processing and therefore also contributes to regulating the damage. DAT-Net is an integral component of SilverDAT II. No costs result for SilverDAT II users when transferring the data to the insurance companies. these costs are taken over by the insurance company themselves.

Fast and simple data exchange

Optimisation of data exchange with insurance companies in the scope of processing via DAT Net.

Dear ladies and gentlemen,

Being a SilverDAT user, you are already being provided with a system for electronic data exchange with passenger car insurers (market coverage 97%) today with the integrated DAT-Net. With the new SilverDAT update from July 2009, we are now providing you with the new DAT-Net Webservice available as extended service for DAT-Net free of charge.

We wish you all the best and success in your business.

Best regards


Download Benutzerhandbuch DAT-Net-Webservice

Delta Update
Delta-Update via internet download

Delta-Update via Internet-Download for updating the spare part price between the monthly update rhythms

Using the function "Delta-Update", you can update the SilverDAT II database via internet where necessary. Following the update, you are provided with updated spare parts lists for the repair costs calculation before their publication on the monthly SilverDAT DVD.

Delta-Update is available free of charge for all users of the vehicle repair calculation.

Instructions as to how you can activate the Delta-Update function for your SilverDAT II installation can be found here: Download.pdf