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DAT €uropa Code

DAT €uropa-Code ®

Precise, Detailed, throughout Europe.

Identification system for vehicle data without borders

The necessity to be able to perform an accurate identification of the vehicle is necessary in many calculation and administration systems that are used in the automobile, financial and insurance industry. DAT has developed the DAT €uropa-Code that enables the Europe-wide identification and classification of vehicle groups and the respective enhancement of individual vehicles.

Besides details to the vehicle type, manufacturer, main and sub-type, the 15 digit DAT €uropa-Code also encodes fundamental equipment features that cannot be separated from the respective vehicle. At present, this is not reached by any other comparable code for vehicle identification.

Next the possibility of assigning rates for insurance companies or vehicle identification with the Dealer Management Systems (DMS), salesperson workplaces and different web applications (e.g. internet marketplaces), the DAT €uropa-Code is of considerable importance when evaluating larger vehicle stocks, such as those managed by credit institutions or larger automobile companies.

Due to the new guidelines for credit business (Basel II), now vehicles can also used as a physical collateral for reducing the capital adequacy requirements when a regular determination is performed of the market value. The reduction of the equity capital provides the banks with a considerable advantage in liquidity when already in the one tenth of a percent range and more flexibility with the bank-internal financial structures. The evaluation of larger data records is, however, only possible when the data records contained within it each have their own clear code. Other codes, such as the FMA code (HSN / TSN) are only partially suitable as an instrument for identifying vehicles as these generally lead to more than one vehicle and therefore, used vehicle values.

The vehicle data of the DAT €uropa-Codes are made available to external users for interrogating in their own management systems.

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