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Our products and service

Online service offers

Not only for private users but also for our commercial customers within the automotive industry we offer several web based products:

SilverDAT online
SilverDAT II Delta Update


DAT Seminars

DAT offers regular trainings for car dealers and repair shop personell as well as for technical experts.

SilverDAT Seminars



Information services

Car dealers, technical experts, OEMs, fleet companys, banks and many more DAT customers trust on our data.

Emission test and setting values
SilverDAT® II
DAT €uropa-Code ®
SilverDAT test version for trainees



Internet applications, products on DVDs and CR-ROMs are valuable for all our customers. Furthermore the DAT Group offers a large variety of publications either on a regular basis or on special topics:

Guideline for fuel consumption
Market survey
E10 compatibility for motor vehicles




Technical expert services

Reliability and expertise are the most important factors for all technical experts around the globe. We at DAT analyize automotive data for over 80 years with a maximum of accuracy. This gives our DAT contract partners a solid basis for vehicle inspection records and vehicle valuations: