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Data protection

Data protection

Insofar as this was technically reasonable and possible, all contents and services on this web site have been accessed freely and without collecting personal and / or corporate data. Insofar as user authentication seems necessary in the creation of the web site we have tried to resolve this by collecting data anonymously or using pseudonyms.
If it is necessary to collect data about corporate or personal visit details with regard to particular facilities on this web site, this only occurs with the express voluntary permission of the user.

Use of personally related data

Under the German Bundesdatenschutzgesetz (BDSG - German Data Protection Act), amongst other things you have the right to information about data we store about you, the reason why we are storing it and details of the recipient as well as the right to access this data yourself or have access to it blocked or have it deleted under certain conditions. If you have any other questions, please send us an E-mail at the following address: datenschutz@dat.de. Personal data is individual data that refers directly to a real human being, making it possible to identify them or trace data back to an individual. No automated collection, processing or use of your data can occur without your express consent. Retained data is used by DAT for customer information, supply and invoicing and used for statistical purposes.

Your data will not be transferred to third parties, even in extracts. We will delete data by an automated procedure when the statutory or contractual retention period has elapsed or if the data is no longer required. We do not sell or rent any personal data whatsoever to people or groups outside DAT. We may make internal use of your data for promotional purposes. We comply with established data protection and competition law limits. We will use the email address supplied by you to answer you by email if necessary.

Where the content of your message refers to a contractual relationship, we will retain your E-mail. The DAT data processing network is protected from the outside world by the latest in firewall technology systems.

Within the internal DAT network, user rights are restricted by legitimation systems according to business requirements. Our company employees have to observe absolute data confidentiality, data secrecy, business or trade secrets and personal privacy in line with company policy. DAT data protection officers are available to you for your information requests, suggestions, appeals, disputes and cancellations with respect to data protection matters.
Version 18.10.2004