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About DAT


As DAT was founded in 1931, there were already around about a half a million vehicles travelling on the roads in Germany. Many technical inventions that are the basis for the state-of-technology today were already introduced.

Dealing with used vehicles however, is in its development stage. The global economic crisis has driven many automobile manufacturers and trade businesses to insolence. Counter measures had to be taken here! The conditions at the end of the Weimar Republic enabled the associations of the automobile industry to found the DAT as evaluation organisation.

The plan to save the automobile industry was, as you know, successful. Thanks to the neutral determination of used vehicle prices, DAT was able to make a significant contribution.


DAT conducts extensive marketing research in the used vehicle market and documents the technical vehicle data for all brands. This allows information for almost the entire life-cycle of motor vehicles to be processed and made available. The knowhow is compiled in systems for generating used vehicle evaluations, repair cost calculations and residual value predictions.

Using the data and information system SilverDAT as well as the different online applications, we can guarantee the quick availability of the desired information as well as the use of the respective processing programs.

Our customers expect a very high degree of flexibility and expert knowledge from us. The members of staff of DAT have the necessary competencies and customer orientation to face these demands day for day. The continuous updating of the databases, processing programs and transmission systems as well as the intensive customer support and consultation that is usually free of charge generate the basic cornerstones.


Neutral, reliable and innovative are the trademark of DAT.

The business is and will stay a "child" of the European automobile industry. Whichever challenges this sector should face in the future, we will always orientate ourselves to the respective current market situation and provide data and systems for supporting the automobile industry.


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