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Hall 11.0, booth C12

DAT at Automechanika 2016 in Frankfurt

  • NEW: SilverDAT 3 – the new generation for vehicle valuation, repair-cost calculation and claims management
  • Digitisation of workshop and used-vehicle processes
  • New features, new design, more convenient operation           
  • NEW: SilverDAT TCO – Total Cost of Ownership. A vantage point for fleet managers
  • NEW: DAT Rental Index. The first paperless costings for vehicle rental prices and loss of use
  • Hail damage app: Revised version piloted
  • Online Service Assistant (OSA): This is how workshops provide customers with an estimate for service and repair costs
  • Trainees welcome! DAT makes free trade fair admission possible
  • Free trade-fair workshops in repair-cost calculation
  • DAT Consulting booths
  • Other DAT booth locations: Gallery (level 1) booth A23; Hall 9 booth D62; and Hall 2 booth C15

Ostfildern/Frankfurt, Germany (31 August 2016) – Deutsche Automobil Treuhand GmbH (DAT) supports digitisation in the automotive industry and once again presents numerous innovations at Automechanika.

“With DAT products such as FairGarage and the evolution of SilverDAT II to SilverDAT 3, ‘digitisation’ is no longer a project for the future but a matter of course that we at Ostfildern have been promoting steadily for more than three years. We are particularly focused on the digitisation of processes related to claims management, valuation, repair-cost calculation or communication with insurance companies and end users without media discontinuity to save users of our systems time and money,” explains Dr Thilo Wagner, DAT Managing Director Products.

The new modular core product SilverDAT 3, with its many new features, is DAT’s main exhibit at the trade fair. Furthermore, DAT’s SilverDAT TCO for the first time provides fleet managers and automotive vendors with a new tool to determine custom and complete vehicle costs. In the event of a claim, the SilverDAT Rental Index enables users to calculate the costs of a replacement vehicle or due to loss of use quickly and reliably online, without depending on cumbersome lists in book form any longer.

The topics at a glance:

NEW: SilverDAT 3 – A new design and enhanced features for the future

The new SilverDAT generation is called ‘SilverDAT 3’ and will provide the over 18,000 licensed users of its predecessor SilverDAT II as well as new users with a completely modernised platform as of autumn 2016. It is now web based and system independent, thus it is technically built for the future. Trade fair visitors can view a demonstration of the new software on terminals at the DAT booth C12 in Hall 11.0.

Its modular design enables customers to adjust SilverDAT 3 specifically to their needs. It caters to those requiring only a professional vehicle valuation as well as to independent bodywork and paint shops that only need to calculate damage or repair costs. Available modules, in addition to identifying a vehicle via a VIN query, are calculate (repair-cost calculation), valuate (vehicle valuation) and myclaim (claims management), among others. Seamless data use across all modules makes manually transferring data a thing of the past. Other features include colour-coded materials for repairs, advanced form management, detailed preparation and IFL items (IFL=Interessengemeinschaft Fahrzeugtechnik und Lackierung e. V. / Syndicate for automotive engineering and paintwork) and a reporting function. Additionally, DAT has improved connectivity with online vehicle marketplaces and insurance companies.

NEW: SilverDAT TCO – Total Cost of Ownership

DAT’s new TCO tool enables fleet managers and automotive vendors to determine custom and complete vehicle costs. Algorithms for the vehicle trim level, including optional extras, are queried, as in SilverDAT II. The calculation can be used for new vehicles as well as used vehicles that are not older than 72 months, as a TCO query is only possible for the first six years of a vehicle’s life. Not only the usual information such as length of ownership and expected mileage but also parking-space or garage costs or driving behaviour allow conclusions to be drawn on wear and tear, fuel consumption and even AdBlue consumption. ADAC (Allgemeiner Deutscher Automobil-Club e.V. / General German Automobile Club) provides the average fuel prices, which can also be entered manually. The results include the total vehicle costs, the vehicle costs per month and vehicle costs per kilometre. Portions of the costs may be graphically displayed via the reporting function.

NEW: SilverDAT Rental Index – Accurately calculate costs for replacement vehicles and loss of use

In the event of a claim, the new ‘SilverDAT Rental Index – Prices. Classes. Loss of use’ for the first time enables the calculation of the cost of a replacement rental vehicle or of loss of use with unprecedented accuracy. This online solution, which is updated several times a year, is aimed at workshops as well as lawyers who may use it to determine the best compensation for their clients. SilverDAT Rental Index provides an overview of regional rental vehicle prices, divided into the eleven DAT rental vehicle classes. The classes for each model year are supplemented, revised and adjusted where necessary, based on the current range of vehicles, prices and trim-level criteria. The classification of each vehicle should ideally be made following a VIN query. The software queries the exact regional market rates in accordance with the postcode. This eliminates reading errors due to the previously conventional use of thick paper catalogues listing rental vehicle prices. Insurance companies, lawyers and the courts particularly appreciate the accuracy of the information as well as that the costs and available vehicles can be determined retroactively. Vehicle rental prices are collected from vehicle rental companies’ price lists, taking into account more than 6,500 locations of small and large rental companies.

Hail damage app: Revised hail-dent detection version piloted

DAT’s hail damage app, which can quickly and easily identify, count and report hail dents, has been revised and is now being piloted. The ability to identify the number and size of dents faster and even more accurately was achieved along with that of striped reflectors, the industry hail detection standard. Consequently, dents in the bodywork can be even better identified with the naked eye and with the app.

OSA – Online Service Assistant

With the online service assistant (OSA), DAT offers its FairGarage technology to employees in the workshop. With this OSA, the workshop is able to quickly draw up offers online and send them to the end customers. The vehicle is identified per VIN query, HSN/TSN or the search tree and the appropriate repair packages can be selected from the list. The client receives an email with a link that directs him to the workshop’s offer. After the company has installed the FairGarage WebKit, the client can view the calculation on the workshop’s website. If the workshop does not use the WebKit, the client is not directed to the DAT website. In order to confirm the estimate as a repair job, the client can directly accept the appointment and the repairs and initiate the transaction. The order is then automatically saved online in FairGarage for the workshop. The transaction can be viewed at any time.

FairGarage - End customer platform as an interface with a company website

Since DAT started using FairGarage in 2013, the number of users on the www.fairgarage.de platform has steadily risen. The site was relaunched in 2016. As FairGarage is a part of the SilverDAT license, all SilverDAT users may use the platform to offer their workshop services online. User management has also been standardised, and as a result it is now possible to log onto FairGarage using your SilverDAT login information.

FairGarage can also be integrated with the dealership or workshop website via the SilverDAT WebKit, which numerous dealerships and independent workshops have opted for. The main advantage it offers is customer retention. Users can identify their own vehicles on their workshop’s website as usual, inquire about repair costs and book a service. Drawing on the SilverDAT data, the workshop can offer their regular and new customers the best service.

Used vehicle values available online for consumers at no charge

Deutsche Automobil Treuhand GmbH (DAT) has completely revamped its free used vehicle assessment on www.dat.de. Using responsive web design, it is now easier than ever to query DAT values, even on mobile devices. After receiving the assessment, the end user has three options. First, his vehicle can be valuated accurately. He is automatically directed to the DAT website, where the customer can find the closest DAT expert by entering his postcode. Second, he can calculate his vehicle repair costs. For this, he is redirected to the FairGarage platform, which displays the costs and the closest workshops. And third, he can sell his vehicle to a dealer. Within the scope of a cooperation with an independent automotive bank, pilot dealerships are displayed which valuate and sell vehicles with the help of a DAT expert.

DAT Consulting at the DAT trade fair booth

DAT Consulting will be part of the team representing DAT at the trade fair in Frankfurt. The consulting company specialising in data, processes and technologies has relocated its corporate headquarters from Ostfildern to Frankfurt am Main, and representatives of the team of consultants will be on hand in Hall 11.0 booth C12.

Trainees welcome! DAT makes free trade fair admission possible

This year, DAT will once again provide free admission to the Automechanika trade fair for all trainees. A number of companies and vocational schools have taken us up of this offer in the past. Tomorrow’s experts, mechatronic engineers and bodywork specialists will be able to visit booth C12 in Hall 11.0 to learn how to DAT software can facilitate repair costings, processing of claims, and vehicle valuations. If you also want to receive free entry for your trainees, please send a request to automechanika@dat.de.

Free trade fair workshops on accident damage repair

During the Automechanika 2016, DAT will participate in a total of twelve free workshops, each lasting three hours. The morning sessions are held in German, and those in the afternoon are in English. They are aimed at employees of accident repair workshops, car experts as well as vocational teachers and trainers of industry-wide training centres. The workshops have been designed together with other partners and cover almost the entire process chain for accident damage repairs. These include, for example, the systematic car damage assessment and the resulting repair costs calculation with digital communication with the insurance company. For more details, go to www.training.automechanika.com

DAT at Automechanika 2016 

  • Hall 11, level 0, booth C12     (main location)
  • Gallery, level 1, booth A23
  • Hall 9, level 0, booth D62 
  • Hall 2, level 0, booth C15


Images (a link to download higher resolution images is available at the end of this press release)


SilverDAT 3

Image caption: The new SilverDAT 3 is not only modern but constitutes a comprehensive solution for the digitisation of processes for vehicle valuation, repair-cost calculation and claims management, all from a single source.



Image 1 caption: DAT’s TCO system enables fleet managers and automotive vendors to calculate complete vehicle costs by entering specific parameters.

Image 2 caption: The TCO value is based on SilverDAT values and DAT Report survey results, among others. Specific values may also be adjusted.

SilverDAT Mietspiegel (=Rental Index)

Image caption: SilverDAT Mietspiegel (Rental Index) helps determine the cost of a rental or a replacement vehicle.


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