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DAT and GfK cooperate in the field of vehicle data


Press briefing regarding the cooperation of DAT with GfK: Helmut Eifert, DAT CEO Foreign Countries, Dr. Gerhard Hausruckinger, GfK-Chairman, Jens Nietzschmann, DAT CEO Germany and Spokesperson for the Management Board, Dr. Thilo Wagner, DAT CEO Products

  • Data structures are being combined for new and used cars
  • Joint data services for the complete vehicle life cycle
  • New products for car dealerships, manufacturers, importers and end consumers

Ostfildern / Frankfurt / Nuremberg, September 15, 2015 - Deutsche Automobil Treuhand GmbH (DAT) and the market research company GfK are cooperating in the field of vehicle data. The aim of the cooperation is to create new products for various stakeholders in the automotive industry, as well as for end consumers. For the first time, this cooperation will enable the two market research companies to offer vehicle data over the entire life cycle of a vehicle. Data will consist of vehicle information prior to market introduction, data regarding configuration of new vehicles, valuations for used cars, repair cost calculations, and data on vehicle recycling.

Dr. Thilo Wagner, DAT CEO Products: “GfK and DAT both provide excellent quality of data which also complement one another very well. New vehicle data and GfK’s global reach fit well with our data as well as our market access.”

Dr. Gerhard Hausruckinger, Member of GfK’s Management Board, adds: “The cooperation between GfK and DAT will create a strong partnership in the automotive sector. GfK can now provide its extensive data in the new vehicle market as a product solution to various stakeholders in the automotive market. Together, we can offer dealers, manufacturers, fleet managers, banks and insurance companies extensive data and services regarding new and used vehicles. Our data covers regional as well as global perspectives.”

The cooperation between both companies shall initially cover four fields:

1. New cars: GfK´s AutoCAT and the DAT €uropa-Code make it possible to offer all of the equipment information, prices, etc. for all new cars. This way, up to 400 individual features are provided for every available new car. This will allow for the creation of new products, such as new car configurators used by end consumers and automotive dealerships, as well as for manufacturers and importers. The advantage: Vehicle data created in a new car configurator can subsequently be processed further in the known DAT systems, without extensive information needing to be newly re-entered for the vehicle.

2. Used cars: Offer prices of the commonly used online vehicle trading platforms, real transaction prices of DAT, the know-how with residual values and the regional allocation of the transactions offer new level of transparency in the market. This way, car dealers receive an even more detailed decision-making basis for the pricing of their vehicles, for example. GfK’s RegioGraph software supports DAT customers in identifying regional potential in the market. In conjunction with integrated DAT data, efficient sales territories can be planned.

3. Fleet business: The calculation of fleet costs enters a new dimension through the cooperation between DAT and GfK. Fleet managers can more accurately calculate the cost savings from a change within the fleet for individual vehicles or for the entire fleet. The TCO Service (“total cost of ownership”) will play a key role here.

4. After-sales retail: The DAT and GfK databases also make information available about spare parts and their prices, accessories, tires, etc. for the market in a new way.

“We are experienced in creating intelligent information for our customers from large quantities of data - very similar to the way GfK does it. We will use the synergies from this cooperation and provide them to the market”, summarizes Dr. Thilo Wagner, DAT CEO Products.

Please find pictures of the DAT´s Management Board on https://www.dat.de/company/geschaeftsleitung.html

A picture of Dr. Gerhard Hausruckinger, Member of GfK’s Management Board is available on www.gfk.com/de/news-und-events/presse/medien-service/Seiten/management.aspx