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DAT acquires majority stake in workshop portal “FairGarage”

·         The demand of internet users for vehicle repair and maintenance services is not a future scenario, but a daily business 

·         The cheapest is not the best

·         FairGarage offers acquisition of new customers via the internet through qualified offer management

·         FairGarage optimizes the online presence of automotive dealerships for its services

·         Intelligent search engine marketing to acquire local customers

·         Thanks to the use of original manufacturers‘ data, the price dumping will be avoided

Ostfildern (10th September 2013) – As part of the strategic reorientation of the Deutsche Automobil Treuhand GmbH (DAT), the DAT takes a stake in the company United Vehicles AG, which operates the workshop portal „FairGarage” since November 2011 in Germany. In this way, the DAT expands its product portfolio for dealerships and repair shops, in order to provide innovative online products for the workshops’ marketing.

“From our point of view, it is of vital importance that our customers can react in a qualified way to the changing purchase behaviour of the consumers. More and more car drivers use the internet; they research and buy products online. In this context, the meaning of internet in the area of workshop services will further increase” explains Helmut Eifert, DAT Managing Director for Foreign Affairs. “Currently, the internet search for workshop services is dominated by several opinion forums and spare parts discounters. In this respect, it was a logical step for us to apply our competence in this online market to encourage the workshops already active in internet. We want to enable those workshops to be present without worries in this online environment”.

FairGarage supports equally workshops and end-users, since while the latter are not searching anymore in vain or avoiding discounters, the workshops and dealerships can actively offer their services. FairGarage provides thus attractive additional revenues for all participating companies. „We are very interested, by means of FairGarage, to decisively avoid the ‘Price dumping’ for the workshop services in internet, which justifiably causes worries to the workshops”, emphasizes Dr Thilo Wagner, DAT Managing Director for Products. „FairGarage operates since its beginning with DAT data, this means, that the spare parts prices and labour factors used in the portal are based on information provided by the manufacturers and importers. This data is combined with the individual hourly rates of the participating workshops. In this way, we are able to provide fair and binding prices. Furthermore, the prices for the workshop services will not be prominently shown in the list of results, but rather a recommendation for competent workshops in the surrounding area of the searcher”.

„The end-users receive through FairGarage not only an intelligent search for workshops in their region, but a complete offer of workshop services including maintenance, parts service, repair and vehicle inspection. Additional to the possibility to contact the workshop, it is also possible to schedule a service appointment through FairGarage”, explains Christian Dietrich, Director and Founder Partner of United Vehicles, who will continue to manage the operative business of the company.

A further central aspect of the participation of DAT in United Vehicles is the strengthening of the workshops through the connection of wwww.FairGarage.de with the websites of each car dealer and repair shop. This will be implemented through a so-called Plug-in, by which the workshops will be enabled to present their services in a very simple way through their own homepages and with this to improve considerably their ranking in the search engines. “Through the simple embedding of FairGarage into the respective websites of our customers, we will achieve a unique connection of online portal and individual workshops. An additional highlight is that each workshop can easily administrate its offers and with this they receive as well a qualified instrument for online marketing of its services” added Jens Nietzschmann, DAT Managing Director Germany and speaker of the Managing Board. “As usual for DAT, there is a whole package for our customers at reasonable prices. We do not attempt to participate in the revenues of our customers or to use a once gained market power for profit maximization. Thanks to our corporate structure, we have succeeded in interlocking FairGarage with manufacturers and importers, dealers associations, dealerships and repair shops, in order to be able to offer a real alternative for online workshop offers in line with the market. For DAT itself, the participation in United Vehicles offers the possibility of using this innovative technology in other business areas at a later date”, resumes Jens Nietzschmann.


On 10th September 2013 the contracts between Deutsche Automobil Treuhand GmbH (DAT) and the United Vehicles GmbH, operator of the workshop portal “FairGarage” were signed at the IAA Motor show in Frankfurt. Following this, the press was informed about the backgrounds and the next steps of the joint activities (left to right: William Hülsdonk, ZDK Vice President, Helmut Eifert, DAT DAT Managing Director for Foreign Affairs, Dr Thilo Wagner, DAT Managing Director products, Christian Dietrich, Managing Director of United Vehicles GmbH, Jens Nietzschmann, DAT Managing Director Germany and speaker of the Managing Board, Andreas Hubert, Advisory Board United Vehicles GmbH).


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